Software Engineer, Full Stack Development

We’re looking for a strong candidate to work across all parts of our core product to identify opportunities to improve the user experience and build new features and systems to drive user growth and engagement. You’ll be deeply involved in all aspects of product development across our website, native apps and backend.

What you’ll do :

  • Contribute to each step of the product development process, from ideation to implementation to release, including rapidly prototyping, running A/B tests, and pushing code into production
  • Build scalable and reliable systems that efficiently process big data
  • Collaborate with teams across the growth organization to deliver innovative products that help improve content sharing, user to user communication and user retention

What we’re looking for :

  • 2+ years of full stack application development experience
  • Proficiency in a dynamic programming language such as Ruby or Rails
  • Understanding and love of Javascript, CSS, and API­ driven / MVC user interface frameworks
  • Familiarity with data driven and data focused applications, data scalability techniques; ideally a knowledge of SQL as well as modern NoSql techniques
  • A curiosity for finding and solving user experience problems

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